I founded The Mindful Movement in 2017, and since then, beautiful souls from all walks of life have joined me on this journey, becoming a part of a movement that encourages change and healing within themselves. We are a community of mindful, conscious humans who believe that we can spread love and kindness throughout the world. Together, we can be kinder to others. Together, we can be kinder to ourselves.

I encourage my students to live their best life through mindful yoga practice and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The mind-body-soul connection teaches us how to live a full and happy life on and off the yoga mat. Yoga is for everyone, and I love

inviting my students to play with their edge while providing a safe and supportive practise where each individual can find their bliss. We play, we rest, we push through difficult moments. I feel honoured to hold space for others to simply be themselves.

Whenever you support The Mindful Movement, a portion of the proceeds will help fund community yoga which facilitates free classes for under-resourced communities. I collaborate with charities, schools and foundations to host yoga and mindfulness sessions. In doing so, encouraging the youth of South Africa to be a part of the change and healing we so desperately need.