Hello friends,

Sending love and strength to all during this time, my heart has been so heavy and I have felt really overwhelmed at how COVID-19 has, and will affect us all, specifically our continents most vulnerable.

As I continue to show up for myself through my own practice, I am reminded that yoga, meditation and mindfulness are medicine. It is (once again) what’s kept, and continue to keep me grounded, bringing me back to presence when I feel like I’m completely losing it!

Now more than ever, practicing empathy and compassion towards ourselves and one another is key.

From my heart to yours, a 10 minute guided meditation to cultivate calm and a steady presence.

With love and gratitude,

Tasia x

YOGA, a transformational journey of body, mind and soul.

Thinking back to when I started my yoga journey in 2009, I remember feeling uncomfortable in more ways than one.
I was in physical pain, a back injury from years and years of physical, mental and emotional trauma.
I couldn’t handle the silence. The pace seemed way too slow for my taste. I was very fidgety, and running was definitely more my style.

But then, something changed. Yoga found me a year later at a time of uttermost vulnerability, we finally clicked and it ended up changing my life.

When you’re new to yoga, the physical practice can feel awkward. As time progresses, what starts off as a physical practice transcends into a a journey of self-discovery.
You can really measure your own progress and self-growth through your yoga practice.

How Yoga transforms you:

– Yoga is not just a form of exercise. Think about all of the meditative breathing you are doing and how incredible that is for managing stress and anxiety. Inhale the good. Exhale the bad.

– It connects you with your physical and spiritual body and makes you incredibly self-aware.
Teaches mindfulness for yourself and for others. Moving with control and not rushing through the movements can affect you in your day-to-day life. Patience. Mindfulness. Grace.

– It challenges you to face the silence and quiet your mind. Silence can be quite overwhelming, and it is normal for your mind to wander. Overtime, you might find yourself solely focusing on your practice and forget everything else. Be here now.

– It slows you down, so you can REFLECT. Without reflection, there is no growth.

– LASTLY: Yoga helps you appreciate all that your body does for you. It is your vessel, so treat it with love and respect. Do not tear yourself apart by little cosmetic things.
Feel stiff, got cellulite, stretch marks? Sounds good. You’re beautiful

There’s nothing more intimate than being left alone with your thoughts.
Although there is a calming peacefulness to it, it is tough stuff.
If you need guidance and want to join the movement, lets connect!

Pop me an email and let’s schedule a call to chat further about how we can work together.