Yoga and the art of mindfulness have radically changed my life (in a really really good way).

The simple practice of moving my body mindfully, using my breath intentionally, and then applying those principals to every single aspect of my life (slowly, over years), is how I stay open-hearted and minded, no matter what comes my way.

How it works:

* It’s not just another form of exercise. Think about all of the meditative breathing you are doing and how incredible that is for managing stress and anxiety. Your breath is a healing elixir.

* It connects you with your physical and spiritual body and makes you incredibly self-aware. Elevating consciousness.

* Yoga teaches mindfulness for yourself and for others. Moving with control and not rushing through the movements can affect you in your day-to-day life. Patience. Mindfulness. Grace.

* It encourages you to face the silence and observe your mind. Silence can be quite noisy, and it is normal for your mind to wander. Over time, you might find yourself solely focusing on your practice and forget everything else. Practice being here now.

* It slows you down, so you can REFLECT. Without reflection, there is no growth.

* LASTLY: Yoga helps you appreciate all that your body does for you. It is your vessel, so treat it with love and respect. Do not tear yourself apart by little superficial things. You’re beautiful and perfect in all phases and seasons of your life.

If you are interested to get your practice started from the comfort of your own space, contact me for more information.