I read a very unkind comment that someone wrote about me on the internet yesterday (I don’t know this person, and they don’t know me – it was aimed at my physical appearance/ shape of my body) and I sat with it for a few hours (this has never happened to me before and I know it happens all the time – which is so crazy), I decided to completely release it during my meditation this morning, and I just wanted to share this experience and some lessons/ reminders that came to me.

• What you see on social media is a representation or filter of where YOU are at, I am so much MORE than my physical appearance or the shapes I create in one nanosecond on a square block, and if you are heart and soul-centered, I know you support that, I know that’s why you are here, part of this community.

• Be KIND, we are all navigating through life’s ebbs and flows, together. Let’s support one another, instead of projecting old patterns that no longer serve ourselves (or those around us).

• Radiate LOVE and stay open to every experience that flows your way, even when your old conditioning wants to label it as “good” or “bad”, shift your perspective to find beauty and lessons or opportunity for growth through everything that comes your way.

• Lastly, don’t take life so seriously all the time, (this all ends), you have a choice to live and operate from a place of JOY each and every moment of the day. This life experience is entirely up to YOU!

Here is to being more mindful, kind and loving to all. If something doesn’t resonate with you any longer, just unfollow it – energy flows where the attention goes.

A quick 10 Min Mindfulness Meditation to slow down, soften, feel and respond.


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